July 2023 mid-month update

I am getting worse at titling these blog posts. Sorry.

Well, we’re all on Threads now, yeah? I’m here: https://www.threads.net/@suzannepick if anyone wants to follow me.

So last week was a bit of a tough one. Jack got sick on Tuesday night, so I had to stay home and look after him. I, of course, got a weird version of what he had and have been fighting stomach pains ever since then.

The sad part is that coffee seems to make this worse and no coffee makes me not feel as bad. I guess this is all part of my transition into a full British lady because tea is about the only thing I can handle caffeine-wise right now.

Being tired and half sick and without caffeine is just not pleasant. I get so short with Jack and feel awful about it because I don’t have the mental capacity to deal with inconveniences. I took him swimming on Sunday after we got insanely too early to find out that he didn’t want to swim because he was too tired. I can only say that my lesson learned is that I will go with my gut instinct and stay home when I think we need to.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this, but after Covid, do you feel like you’re lazy for just wanting to be home? I know I shouldn’t feel guilty after being sick or not being able to sleep past 2AM like Sunday morning, but I do. I think that being out means I’m doing fun things and being a better mom, productive, interesting, etc. I recently saw a video online talking about how just because people have nice houses, it doesn’t mean they’re content with them. I think being at home has been taught to be bad, boring, unimaginative, and everything in between.

I quite like being at home, especially when we’re all home together. It’s not to say that I don’t like going out as well, but I need to work on not being so hard on myself when I just feel like we should stay in.

That’s exactly what we did this past week. On one hand, I will book family outings and places to go with Jack but this week, we just stayed home. He went to two out of his three swim lessons and his soccer with Steve on Saturday, but that’s all. It was rainy all week and much more cozy indoors.

Updates for June 2023

Okay, guys, I’ve finally done it: I upgraded my site. I could have dropped the WordPress.com hindrance altogether and just gone for my own hosting but, alas, I’ve used this blog on this platform for so long that I may as well just make it a little snazzier. That said, this means that Mister Pick will have to work on a new theme for me as the current one is outdated. We now have an extra cat, a dog, and our little Master Pick to make out happy family complete. As the picture above indicates, it’s been raining lately and cooling off the super hot summer days we’ve had recently. Today it was quite warm and Jack and I went out to see the fire engine at Dream Big Role Play. That was a first for both of us and we really enjoyed it. Jack was shy about the fire engine and gets so involved in what he’s doing that he doesn’t want to be interrupted (can’t imagine where he gets that from) but we played with all of the toys, had a nice visit, and took some photos with the “nee naw.” I’ve been reading again, which seems silly, but I am so tired at night that I can’t keep my eyes open, so getting into my Little House on the Prarie books has been a nice, comforting way to ease back into a before bedtime reading routine. I really think it’s because my brain can’t handle anything more than middle-grade and high-school books right now. Not that they aren’t complex and interesting on their own but anything that I can’t just submerse myself in won’t keep my tired brains to attention until 10PM each night. I also updated recently that I got another Passion Planner after swearing I wouldn’t bother anymore since I don’t have time to plan. It’s been nice to get back to my hobbies and activities that I enjoy doing because for so long I put them aside. Baby brains and tiredness do not work well with solitary whims. With that said, I’m still losing on Slimming World as well (Hallelujah) so I can be more comfortable when we go to Florida, which is my main aim. And as I speak, Mister Pick has put dinner on the table so it’s time to sign off. I’m excited to have my new upgraded blog options to work with soon.

Sunday reboot

Yesterday, I had a little reboot. I was sick with a cold and pink eye (super fun) and was absolutely exhausted. All I did was sleep through the day and had zero interest or energy for anything other than watching TV with Jack and Mister Pick.

I didn’t have the energy to feel guilty for not going anywhere as a family. I didn’t worry about what I ate, or how “lazy” I was being. I just stayed at home, in my comfies, and reset myself.

I knew today I would feel better. I’d be out of the house, busy at work, drinking water, walking, eating healthy, and doing normal things again. But that incredible need to just rest and recharge was really evident to me. Mostly, I try to push through if we have time together to go on a walk, or spend the day at home being productive somehow, but nope. I just stopped.

Now, yeah, I’ve been sick before where I physically couldn’t get off the couch, but this was a conscious acceptance that I was run down and needed to recuperate before I was going to start this week feeling half way decent again.

I still have a sore throat and cough. I still have pink eye. I still feel tired but I am so much better than if I hadn’t rested so much while I had a chance on Sunday.


Library Life is the best life

The biggest part of library work is community connection. I was glad to be invited to attend a book launch and spend some time seeing how important libraries are to people in the local area.

It was a busy day of cake eating and camaraderie. The best part of the day was sitting with the librarians and hearing them say how much they enjoy their job and how glad they were to have chosen that career path.

As usual, the whole first part of the week flew by and now it’s time for me to manage my side hustle as a domestic goddess.

The laundry is in, everyone has had breakfast, and now it’s time to watch Teen Titans Go (all day!)

My back has been bothering me which means I need a walk or some kind of exercise. That’s why I made the decision to order my Boogie Bounce today. I have a discount gym membership but I never have time to go (I will write the book on why this is a legitimate excuse) so an in-home gym will have to do.

I’m trying to convince Mister Pick that we need a Peloton bike but he is not yet convinced. Yet!

The weekend will be me busy at work on Saturday morning (gotta get those extra hours) and a work dinner party in the evening. Sunday will once again be Lazy Sunday.

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