November 2023 Update

It’s autumn, November, cold, colorful, rainy, and on its way to winter. If we had experienced a nice summer, it wouldn’t be so unwelcome but it seems we’ve had nothing but wet, stay-indoors-type weather for months and months. Even in England, we usually get quite warm in July and August but no luck this year.

Now that it’s November, it’s time to get ready for our version of Thanksgiving here. Since there are some American-isms around here, I can get a hold of canned pumpkin for the most part and marshmallows for Steve’s sweet potato casserole (no thank you). We have a turkey joint, ready-made mash, chilled turkey gravy (again, if it’s available), boxed mac and cheese from Florida, brioche rolls, noodles, chicken, and my Schultz family oysters that I make with cheese Ritz and canned oysters. In The States I would have used fresh oysters and saltines but, alas, this is the way I have to make them here and since I’m the only one who eats them, it’s fine.

This also means we’re beginning to get ready for Christmas. Already we’ve taken Christmas photos and seen Santa at his workshop. We have lots of events to look forward to between now and the big day, then we have Jack’s 4th birthday soon after so birthday party invitations have been passed out at nursery. Last year there were quite a lot of children ill so they couldn’t attend his party, so I’m counting on this year having a better turnout.

Work is a bit up in the air these days and some changes in our schedules will occur that I anticipate. I’m hoping everyone adjusts well and we get along okay despite the disruption but, again, I’ll count on everything working out well. (That’s all you can do really.)


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